Social Media Marketing - The Way Forward

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With the fast-paced lives we all lead, companies are always looking at new ways to draw your attention to the services and goods they sell.

Back in 2013 Richards Estate Agents looked into new ways to communicate with the selling and letting customers we deal with.  How could we instantly tell hundreds or even thousands of people about properties?  The obvious answer was Facebook but hardly any other Estate Agents used it so what sort of reaction would we have by putting up exciting & enticing posts of each home we had for sale or rent?

So we ‘gave it a go’ and what’s happened since has been simply astounding and it’s completely transformed the way we now communicate with buyers, sellers, landlords & tenants.  As soon as we have a home to sell or rent the photos and a brief description are immediately placed onto our Facebook page. Within minutes the phone rings. In recent weeks we have started a 'Twitter' page @RichardsEAgents too!

We’ve been telling people to like our page since we set it up and today nearly two thousand people follow our posts. We estimate that over 40% of our successful sales and 80% of our successful lets originate from Facebook.

Richards Estate Agents Facebook page has grown into one of the leading Estate & Letting agents social media sites in Dorset so it’s fair to say we’ve been blown away by its success and how much more business it has created for our clients since we ‘gave it a go’.  Contact the forward-thinking Richards Estate Agents today to get you moving.

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